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Thank you so much for entrusting your newborn photos with Nicole VonDette Photography.  I am so excited to begin working with you to capture this amazing time in your life.   On this page you will find all the information you need to prepare for a newborn session, as well as some forms that will help me get to know you, your family, and your style a bit more.    Please click on ALL three forms below and fill them out prior to your session.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the forms, do not hesitate to email me to discuss them further.

Now that the forms are complete, I will discuss a bit more of what to expect during your newborn session and how you can prepare to help the session go as smoothly as possible.   Ideally I like to schedule a newborn session within the first 2 weeks of life.  It is very important that you notify me as soon as you deliver.  I recommend adding me to your list of family and friends that you notify about the birth.   All I need is a quick text (781-718-4920) or email saying that the baby has arrived.

Nicole VonDette Photography has a beautiful and spacious studio in Canton Massachusetts for your newborn session.  If you prefer for me to come to you, I am available to do so at an additional cost.

Preparing for the Session

  • Please try to keep your baby awake for as long as possible before the session. I understand newborns are unpredictable and this may not be possible, so don’t worry if they do fall asleep.   Often a bath will keep your baby awake and also help make them sleepy for their session.  Once again, please don’t stress if you have a sleepy baby who does not want to stay awake.
  • Plan on feeding your baby right before you leave for the session.  Dress your baby in an outfit that is easy to remove.  The goal is for your baby to fall asleep in the car on the way over and I will start the session as soon as you arrive.
  • The studio is full of  props, hats, baskets, and blankets but if there is anything special you want to include in your newborn session, please feel free to bring it along.
  • New babies can not regulate their body temperature and can lose body heat very quickly.  Your baby will be naked during most of the session, therefore, the studio will be very warm (80 degrees) so please make sure to have comfortable clothes available for yourself.
  • In order to maintain a clean and safe studio environment, I ask clients to remove their shoes before entering the studio.  There are paper booties available to put over your shoes or slipper socks available.  You are welcome to wear shoes during parents photos.
  • I always love including parents along with the newborn photos. If you would like to include family photos, I recommend wearing some plain simple colored clothing so you will not clash with the baby.  You can view my pinterest board of family newborn photos for some clothing ideas.   I will also bring some wraps for mom, and dad is welcomed to remove his shirt for skin to skin to skin photos if this is something that interests you.


website4 The Photo Session

  • Leave a 3 hour window open for your newborn session
  • During the session I will do all of the posing.  I occasionally will need a parent’s hand if I am doing a basket pose and need an extra set of hands on your baby.  During the rest of the session you are welcome to watch me work, nap, eat, watch tv, rest etc.  I have a separate client lounge for you to relax in.  There is a TV, internet, and lots of snacks and coffee available.  There are lots of yummy restaurants within walking distance as well.
  • We will begin the session with sibling/family photos.  In order to not disturb the newborn, it is helpful if one of the adults can take the older sibling home in a separate car or outside to grab something to eat or play at a nearby playground for the remainder of the session.  There is also a library across the street.  I do have a fun play area for older siblings to help entertain them briefly in the studio.
  • I generally shoot newborns in their birthday suit. There is nothing more beautiful and innocent than a new baby and clothes can detract and overwhelm the baby. If you prefer for your baby to be covered, please let me know ahead of time and we can discuss clothing options.
  • Please plan on your baby eating a great deal more during the session than s/he typically does.  If you are nursing and pumping, please try to pump some extra milk for me to give to your baby during the shoot.  If you are nursing and not pumping, plan on your little one nursing very often during the session.  If you are formula feeding, make sure to bring plenty of formula to the studio.
  • Pacifiers are extremely helpful to have on hand during the session.  I know many babies wont take them at home, but during a session they can usually help keep a baby asleep who may be starting to fuss.  I have some sanitized ones available in the studio if you don’t have one available.  If you prefer not to use one then that is not a problem at all!


                                                       After Your Session

website 3

  • After your session I will post a sneak peak up on Facebook within a week.
  • It take me approximately 3 weeks to finish up your final gallery.  You will view your final edited images in an online gallery and will place your final order after viewing your gallery.  Make sure to check out the beautiful products available while you are in the studio during your newborn session!  You will receive your digital files through a USB in the mail or digital download depending on your package.


                 Directions To the Studio

  • Nicole VonDette Photography is located at 717 Washington St in Canton Massachusetts.  I am located approximately 10 minutes from Blue Hills Mountain.  The entrance to the studio, as well as the parking lot, is located behind the building. Once you drive over the train tracks on Washington St, you will turn left onto Ames Ave.  You can park anywhere in the lot behind the building.  Please ring the doorbell and I will come let you in.  There is a single staircase to get downstairs which is where my studio is located.



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