Baby Session

Belly laughs, sparkly eyes, chubby rolls, big bellies, and baby drool . . . there is nothing that brings more joy than an adorable baby. Baby sessions are offered for all stages during the first year. Babies all develop differently and do not follow any timeline. I usually recommend scheduling an appointment when your baby reaches a specific developmental milestone, instead of a specific age. Please feel free to contact me regarding the best time to capture your baby’s precious first year and for more details on individual sessions. I also offer discounted plans when booking multiple sessions.


Belly Stage
Your baby is able to lay on their belly and hold their head up without any props for support. Babies usually reach this milestone around 2-4 months of age. During this stage they are usually full of smiles and are able to make eye contact with the camera.


Sitting Stage
Your baby is able to sit on their own with minimal support. Babies usually reach this milestone around 5-7 months of age. This is one of my favorite stages because the babies are very happy and enjoy big belly laughs. They have yet to develop stranger anxiety and are not on the move yet!


Walking Stage
It is safe to say that your baby's first birthday and when they begin to walk are big milestones. This is a great time for an indoor or outdoor shoot to capture your little one on the go!




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